Why Everyone Should Watch Strictly Come Dancing!

Image sourced from the Strictly Come Dancing Facebook – 2016 Line Up.

Strictly Come Dancing is one of the cheesiest shows on television – let me be clear that I am fully aware of that, and accept it.

But I do have to admit I have a secret, one that only came into fruition over the past two years. I love Strictly Come Dancing.

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The glitz, the glamour, the creativity. It’s pretty epic, and I’m so excited for the show this weekend that I can’t stop tweeting at the celebrities who are going to appear in it (not sure I should have admitted that bit).

So in honour of the show’s magnificent return, I thought I’d do a run down of 5 reasons why you should start watching Strictly if you don’t already. You can thank me later.

  1. It’s feel-good TV

    Is it just me, or is everyone down these days? Depression is on the rise, and if you’re anything like me then you don’t even need to look up any statistics to back this claim up. All you got to do is open your eyes and look around at everyone. So I think it’s about damn time we had something cheery on TV. Something to take your mind off of the world for a bit. Strictly is perfect for this, and it is good for both men and women to watch. Don’t believe me? Give it a go and see for yourself.


    giphy-downsized (4)
    I love a bit of glitter. Who doesn’t? If you’re a glitter magpie like myself, you’ll love Strictly. Everyone has glitter, men and women, and its in every colour imaginable. It’s just so pretty to watch it all whirling around the dance floor, and very festive, too!

  3. The dances are pretty amazing, as are the dancers themselves

    giphy-downsized (5)
    The more you watch it, the more you start to actually appreciate dance. I wish I could do it myself, but I kind of feel like I’ve gotten to the point where it’s too late for me. But if I did become a celebrity one day for some reason, and the Strictly team just happen to be sweeping this blog for some reason in an obscure corner of the internet. PLEASE CALL ME.

    You also start to develop a favourite dance. I love a good Jive now, thanks to Jay’s Jive, and I also adore the themed weeks, especially Halloween. I also have my favourite dancers. I love Kevin and Karen, and I also like Gorka and Oti. In fact, I’m actually starting to think the dancers are sometimes more famous than the ‘celebrities’ themselves!

  4. It gets you excited for Christmas

    So I’m a huge Christmas fan. I once counted down the days to Christmas on an office whiteboard, painstakingly writing out the amount of days and updating it every morning from about July (This isn’t weird. You’re weird!), so as soon as this comes back I know Christmas is flying its way towards me. And this means cold nights, sparkly Christmas lights, festive coffees and hot chocolates from all the coffee shops, and the return of my Christmas jumpers. I’m ready already!

  5. It’s great ‘group’ viewing

    I often enjoy watching this with my mum and dad, as well as Pete, and that’s because it’s so hilarious to see everyone become arm-chair dancers. By this, I mean we’re all sitting there judging these dancers as though we can do the Paso Doble ourselves (you’ll know what this is if you’re a fan). ‘Ohh that’s shoddy footwork.’ ‘Her shoulders are a bit too high aren’t they?’ It’s a delight.

    In conclusion…

    So if you’re not doing anything this Saturday, and fancy a treat, stick Strictly on and give it a go. It’s an extra long episode because it’s the first one, and starts at 06:40pm on BBC One. Will you be watching? I know I will. And don’t forget the results show on Sunday!


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