4 Shows That You Need To Watch On Netflix

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I confess, I love my Netflix subscription. There are endless hours of entertainment on there, and to be honest, they’ve kind of gotten me hooked with their weekly releases of tv shows – I have no choice now but to stay and watch them!

But, for £5.99 a month we’re hardly breaking the bank here. So, if like me, you have a Netflix subscription (or are considering one and want to know if the shows are any good), I can tell you yes, they are, and to prove it here are my top recommendations for you to tune in to.

1. Riverdale

Before I start on one of my faves, Riverdale, let me direct you over to the blog I did about the entire first series. But for a brief overview, don’t go anywhere except further down this page.

Riverdale focuses on a group of teens who live in the town of (you guessed it) Riverdale. The characters have been plucked out of Archie comic books, so some of them have ridiculous names like Jug Head and Betty, but they’ve really modernised it and made it pretty damn cool.

Season two is up now, but season one is full of murder, drugs, sex and violence. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Admittedly, the audience for this show is young adults. But I enjoy it  – and, don’t tell him I told you, but so does my fiance. There’s lots to catch up on that’ll keep you entertained for a few weeks. So go, go, go!

2. Ozark

My second entry on this list comes from Jason Bateman’s Ozark. The story follows Batemen who gets involved with money laundering for a very dangerous man and winds up relocating his entire family to the The Ozarks (some kind of tiny American town in Oklahoma) to try and take advantage of small businesses of which he can launder through.

There are all sorts of subplots going on with Batemen treading on the toes of dangerous drug dealers, and if you think you wont be able to take him seriously after the likes of Arrested Development or Horrible Bosses, you’re in for a surprise.

Season one is live now and I believe season two is on the way. So if you’re looking for something gritty that you can sink your teeth into, jump on this one.

3. Jessica Jones

Marvel has a contract with Netflix that allows them to produce TV series based on their characters. One of the latest ones is The Punisher, which I am yet to watch, but my favourite one I’ve come across so far is Jessica Jones.

It stars Krysten Ritter as Jessica herself, and the villain for season one is David Tennant who is obsessed with Jessica and does a mighty good job of stalking and keeping her for his own with his mind control.

Jessica herself has super-human strength and endurance, which again makes Killgrave (Tennant’s character) drawn to her. Give this one a go, if only for the chance to see Tennant play a kick-ass villain. Ritter is also pretty damn cool in it too. The girl runs her own detective agency and drinks a hell of a lot of whisky.

She must be a very dehydrated superhero.

4. Designated Survivor

I’ll quickly admit here that I’m only about halfway through this series, but Designated Survivor marks Kiefer Sutherland at his 24 best once again.

The story is based around the fact that when meeting, the US government have one member not present so that if something catastrophic does happen, killing them all, then the country will have someone to lead as their president.

Of course, Kiefer is the designated survivor, and, as you might have guessed, something really terrible happens. He’s forced to become President, but his ride as leader of the free world is far from easy. He has terrorists to take out, rebellious State Senators, and is surrounded by people ready to stab him in the back at any given moment.

This is edge the seat stuff – don’t miss it.


Netflix & Chill

I hope you’ve enjoyed the rundown of my favourite Netflix shows. Let me know your favourites in the comments below. I’m always looking for new box sets to binge!


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